Monday, 19 July 2010

Luch Ultra Thins

I saw a beautiful 14k Poljot ultra thin on another blog, here
(Russ, I do hope you do not mind me posting this link)

So, I thought I might share my Ultra thins. They are branded Luch but I believe they use the same movement as the Poljot. Of course, these two have plated cases, I wish they were solid gold :-)

The gold one got a service as soon as I received it. Here is what the insides look like.

Since I sweat a lot, I destroy plated cases in no time. So, I made a little case protector for this watch out of an old wallet.

Admittedly this is not a 'dress watch' look but at least I can wear it without worrying about the case.


  1. Great minds think alike!,some lovely Luches you have their Aditya.I think the 2209 movement watches are very under rated.

  2. Thank you Russ,
    I have also got 4 or 5 2209s in absolutely junk cases. Some day I will do something nice with those movements.

  3. hey i got one too , beautifull piece like yours gold one , however im interesred in selling so can you help me about price??? have no idea how much does it cost , thanks in advance :D

  4. Hello aljosevic,

    I bought mine years ago on ebay (not sure I remember what they cost me). Completed auction search on ebay is one way you could find what your watch is worth.