Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Family Reunion!

Ladies & gentlemen, in the picture below you see the entire production of A D Sambhare Watches over the last two years.

From left to right, No.1-01 (which is essentially a prototype that I decided to keep), No.1-02 (this one is sold) and No.1-03 (I just finished this one a few days ago).

This picture is possible because No.1-02 is back for a check up and the reason is interesting. The owner said that the power reserve is just about 25 hours. This is considerably less than the 40 hours that I promise. So I requested him to send it over. I wound it and it went for over 43 hours! I can only assume that he is not used to winding a brutish 16 1/2 ligne hand-wound movement :-). Perhaps he is too delicate with it. I will observe if he winds it all the way when I meet him next.

Anyway, I spoke to a friend who dabbles in photography and we might take some nice pictures of these three soon.