Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hello & welcome to my blog. As the title suggests this blog is about making watches. I have been fascinated with mechanical timepieces since early childhood. A little over a month ago I achieved something I have been working on for two and a half years, I made a watch myself.

Well, actually I took an existing mechanism, modified it, made some new parts & found a nice case for it.

Sounds simple but it took two years of part time & three months of full time work to achieve. All the same, on top is a picture of the first piece of my No.1 skeleton wristwatch. This one is 01.

I have started work on 02 & will share the step by step journey on this blog.

I also plan to share other watch related stuff here. I have collected quite a few antique pocket watches over the years and plan to share interesting features & stories about them on this blog.