Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Dial (part-2)

So, we had pasted the template on the dial and marked out the position of the marker track. Next is the slow and tedious job of drilling/ milling out the 60 holes for the dial markers. First I drill them all out with a 0.4mm bit & then mill out the hour markers with a 1.0 mm end mill.

The blued steel markers will fit through the 1.0 mm holes. Absolute accuracy of alignment is essential, since the eye can detect even the minutest of deviations.

A lathe with an indexing attachment or a CNC mill might make this job easier. I even must explore laser etching. Now, the sticker is removed, the job is remounted on the turns and the final finish is applied to the dial. After this, there will be no further opportunities to do so.

The ring is parted....

....the outer diameter is turned down.....

...and the dial is done!

A close up shot.

Hope you enjoyed this. Plating is all that remains.