Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Uprighting tool

I bought this tool off ebay a while ago. An un-jeweled hole can sometimes be worn to an oval shape by it's pivot. This tool allows one to centre the worn hole of a wheel with respect to the other, unworn, hole.

Unfortunately, it only came with the centering runner. So, I made a runner that can carry reamers of various diameters. Below, you can see what I made, a runner, a grub screw and a reamer. The reamer is a bit rough but I shall make another one. This is because now I know what dimensions are required.

And here is how the the whole thing looks assembled.

I tried this on a junk movement. Below you can see how the unworn hole is centered and the movement is secured.

After this the bridge with the worn hole is fixed to the plate and the reamer is passed through it.

The reamed hole will need a bush and the hole in the bush will need to be opened up to the correct diameter. Altogether, I am pleased that this works!

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