Saturday, 13 August 2011

No.2: Sneak Peek

No.1-03 is on the way & I have only got enough parts for three more. This means that I have to start design work on No.2. So, I bought some parts.

No.2 will be based on the ETA 6498 movement. I want No.2 to have the seconds hand (if I decide to put one in) at a more symmetrical location, i.e. at 6 o'clock. Also, I want it to be a little more compact. No.1 is 44mm without the crown. The case I have found for No.2 is 41mm. I feel this is a great size for a man's watch.

One case is required for development purposes. It needs to be measured for a 3D model. I file somewhere inside to be absolutely sure that it is not a plated case. All this renders it unsuitable for a customers watch. Here is the 3D model of the case. I also need to make one of the movement.

Also, I would like to wear it for the next few months to make sure everything is as I want it to be. The hot Indian weather & my sweaty wrist should highlight any potential problems. To this end, I happen to have an NOS, older version of the 6498. This got a quick service

The older movement is marked 'Unitas' under the balance. The new ones are marked 'ETA'.

I love the way it fills up the case. This case does not require a movement ring.

and here's the front. This is the watch I will be wearing for the next few months, come hell or high water :-)

And this, gentlemen, is how one justifies the purchase of yet another watch to ones wife, "It's just a development prototype, darling!" :-)


  1. ok i do like this watch..its v elegant

  2. Coming from you, that's a huge compliment :-)

  3. How much is it?
    How can I order, mate?

    1. Hello, if you write me at the email address above I will sent you details of my current offerings.