Thursday, 20 January 2011

THE COLLECTION: 7 Jewel English fusee from 1873

I have decided to post about watches from my collection here. This way I will have something to post even if there is no work done on no.1-02. Many thanks to crazyfingers for inspiring this idea.

Today I will write about a watch I restored recently. It is a simple seven jewel English fusee in an open-face case. The case is sterling silver & hallmarked for 1873. All the serial numbers match. Typical for this period it is key wound and set.

This is how I received the watch. Overall in good condition but not working. Also, the minute hand was broken. By a stroke of luck, I had a spare hand that fit beautifully. It reaches exactly to the minute track! The balance would not move freely but that was only because of the incredible amount of dirt inside.

Further investigation revealed a few problem. Below you can see the maintaining-power wheel from the fusee. If you look through all the dirt you will notice that one of the clicks is broken. You can also see the spare click I intend to install.

The spare click was installed after some adjustments........

....... and here are all the parts of the fusee ready for lubrication and assembly.

The chain had the fusee hook missing. Upon measurement, it appeared to be all there. So, I decided to install a spare hook that I had. A rivet was filed up, sized and then riveted on the staking set. Below, you can see the hook just before it was riveted which is why the rivet sticks out a bit.

Here are all the parts ready for assembly.

I also disassembled the case. There was rust on almost all the steel parts. All were treated to some Brooke Bond Red Label :-) The button is a replacement made of brass. I decided to retain it since I haven't got a spare.
This watch has been running beautifully for the last few days. I have not timed it accurately but it is within 15 seconds per day. Power reserve is 31.5 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this watch.



  1. Ah! Really glad you decided to post about your collection :) I really love pocket watches, but dunno when and with what to wear them :(

  2. have a look at this thread :-)